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Are you resorting to “performance enhancing” measures?

July 17th, 2008

Waking up today to get the latest news on the Tour de France, I was shocked to see that the young new star, Ricardo Ricco, who is only 23-years old and has already had some amazing stage wins in both the Tour and the Giro, had tested positive for EPO. With all the crackdowns, suspensions, and increased testing that has been going in the sport for the last 2-years, you would think that todays riders are smart enough to steer clear knowing that testing methods have gotten more aggressive and more detailed.

Does this sound familiar? It’s so easy to draw correlations to the world of Finance in which the stakes can seem so high that some are willing to take any risk for what could potentially be a huge payoff. Even at a more generic level, you have to ask yourself what “tricks” you might be incorporating into the achievement of your recent financial results. Can you close out the month and feel proud of the results and that the results will hold up to more detailed scrutiny, either by the auditors or someone who might end up replacing you? The hope is that in today’s environment you are not having to resort to short-term crutches to achieve results and make up for a lack of performance out of your control. As finance professional, we are truly the gatekeepers and need to make sure that we are playing an honest game.

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