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Blog Break for the Holidays..& then some.

December 24th, 2009 Comments off

            The last month has shown how hard it can be to keep the discipline in place to update a blog. For myself, I had always set a goal of trying to do updates 2-3 times a week, so it was never intended as a daily commentary. However, the last 4-5 weeks have been a whirlwind and I’ve missed my regular postings.  As many of you know, I accepted an offer from Quiksilver for the role of CFO at DC Shoes. DC Shoes is one of their larger entities, and comprises approximately 22% of Quiksilver’s annual revenues. Between the interview process, my transition out of one company, and into DC, the last 4-5 weeks have tested how much bandwidth I really have for everything. Needless to say, the blog fell off the radar.


            However, I’m headed into a nice 11-day holiday break and I look forward to regrouping a bit, defining some new strategies for the blog, and brainstorming a list of topics to write about in the new year. While I have never been too specific about the results or figures in my postings as they relate to the current company, my approach will have to be modified so that I don’t run afoul of any public company reporting issues. No blog update is worth jeapordizing your career over. I look forward to keeping tabs on the developing IFRS issues, the recovery of the Retail & Apparel sectors, as well as studying how these industry groups will be reconfiguring/restructuring their business as they emerge from the last 2-years.


            This 11-day break that I have in front of me will also allow me to thank many of the folks who have supported me over the last few years, and particularly those, that have helped me with my most recent transition. I’ve put a tremendous amount of effort into my networking, which has clearly played a key role in my recent move. However, regardless of your networking, you still need to produce quantifiable results as a finance leader in order to even be considered for the opportunity. I was given a great opportunity to display my skills at my last company and we achieved some fantastic results. I’m grateful to them for that opportunity and look forward to seeing them more in this small industry we work in, as well as bringing that same level of success to the Quiksilver/DC organization.


            I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunities I’ve been provided during a very difficult 2-year economy, but also continue to see many of my peers struggling in their search. I’m hoping the new year will bring opportunities to help them in their networking and search efforts, as I have been helped. I was able to directly help 4 people in my network secure employment over the last 2-years and hope I can continue to offer the same level of assistance.  This is my favorite time of year and there certainly seems to be a much broader sense of optimism and opportunity going into the new year versus last year.


Let’s make it a great 2010 !


Merry Christmas to all my friends and colleagues….