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Success Story – Manager of FP&A

February 19th, 2010

     One of the more satisfying posts I can make is when a direct introduction within my network results in an offer letter. Whether it’s a Senior Accountant, Controller, or even a Sales or Marketing position, it’s great to see one less open job on the market. This week I was extremely happy to see a former colleague receive an offer letter for a Manager of FP&A position within a consumer products company. Knowing how this individual works, his skillset, and his commitment to the development of his career, he was well deserving.  It looks like there might be a few more in the works right now as I continue to see more opportunities opening up in the market. Funny….I haven’t spoken to a single person in the last few 6-months or more that secured their job through an online posting….hmmmm.

Thanks for reading . . . .

Jeffrey Ishmael

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