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Have You Defined Your Blog Rules of Engagement?

April 29th, 2012 Comments off

            For the last 2-years I went dormant with this blog and took some time away to develop some steadfast rules regarding the content of this site and the subjects I write about. Those guidelines have sometimes flexed in the  past depending on the size of the company I’m working with, whether a public or private entity, but the goal has always been to keep content at the most professional level.


            With a recalibration in mind, let’s take a look at some of the more basic ground rules that should be in place for a blog for a corporate finance professional:

·         Specific numbers should never be discussed, regardless of whether it is already in the public domain or not. Leave that to the reporters.

·         If you find yourself working for a public company, refrain from discussing, even generally, initiatives or change management, regardless if it might be in the past.

·         If working for a private company, make sure you have an understanding of the culture and how your writings might be viewed by management…as a liability or a signal of the value you bring to the company.

·         Even if you don’t work there, is it appropriate to discuss your efforts there and the initiatives/improvements you managed. There are a few companies in my resume that I simply don’t discuss in this forum.


            Great, so you’ve just taken away a lot of my day-to-day experience that I can write about…what do I have left? When it comes to strengething your skills as a Finance professional there is no shortage of topics that you can choose that can continue contributing and impacting your personal growth.

·         While you’re going to be part of a larger “reporting” group, you can always choose new developments in accounting topics that are of particular interest to you.

·         Discuss situational experiences with colleagues at other companies, what they were challenged with, and the strategies they employed.

·         Are there any recent books related to your functional area to write a review on?

·         Are there any industry or professional summits that you attended which would be of interested to your readers?

·         What professional organizations do you regularly contribute to? I’ve been a member of FEI for 3-years and expanded my contribution to the Board last year, which has provided some great discussions and content.

·         Are there any recent magazine articles or interviews that you have an opposing view on.


            Very simply, the everyday experiences in your current work environment aren’t your only source of content inspiration. As a Finance professional we are all tasked with knowing what the available resources are and how to deploy them. With the challenge of developing content, your office isn’t the only resource available to you.


Thanks for reading….


Jeffrey Ishmael