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On The Path of Acquisitions & Vulnerabilities…

January 17th, 2013

While I tend to have a bit more fun writing on the topic of Finance and corporate financial performance, I can’t help but take another opportunity to brag about the fantastic organization that has been assembled here at Cylance and additional accomplishments that we’ve announced today.

Stuart McClure, Cylance Founder, has a tremendous talent for identifying advanced technology and great people, which is what led us to the acquisition of SpearPoint Security Services. SpearPoint primarily assists businesses protect industrial control systems. In a further affirmation of their talent, the two founders of SpearPoint, Billy Rios and Terry McCorkle, were just recognized for a vulnerability discovered in a Philips medical x-ray machine, which subsequently gave them access to additional peripheral information. The find is now further affirmed with the involvement of the FDA.

I’ve also previously stated that I work with some scary brilliant folks. Now we can add Eric Cornelius to that mix, who just stepped down as Deputy Director and Chief Technical Analyst with the Department of Homeland Security’s Control Systems Security Program. Additionally, we’ve hired Glenn Chisholm as our CISO, who was the former CISO for Telstra Corp, an Australian telecommunications supplier. While I’ve always said “Finance is Fun”, working with such a tremendous talent pool has really changed the game.

Although it’s only been a week or so since we stepped out from behind the curtain to announce other developments, it’s back to stealth mode and back behind the curtain. Already looking forward to future announcements we’ll be sharing.

Thanks for reading…

Jeffrey Ishmael

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