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18-months & Marking The Milestones…

February 4th, 2014 Comments off

While I try and provide updates on the path we’ve been on at Cylance, it’s also a bit difficult in that we are still a private entity, work in a space that demands confidentiality, and have still been in the development stages of bringing our product to full commercialization. However, there are also the sporadic announcements that allow us to celebrate and share in the recognition that this team has received. Not to mention, we are also celebrating our 18-month anniversary! While that may not seem like a major point, in the world of start-ups, it’s definitely a milestone to move past…as will be 2-years…and then 5-years!

It’s definitely felt like a path measured in dog years, but it’s been incredibly rewarding, and made easier due to the quality of our team. Coming in as employee #7, it’s been quite a ride to the 60-employees we now have. We’ve lost a few along the way, but then again, not everyone is wired for the pace that start-up life represents. There is no free lunch…you want to eat…you need to go find your prey. While we practiced it at DC Shoes, the life of a start-up demands that you deliver on what you promise….and there is no place to hide. But when you have a solid team and you’ve hired the right folks, there’s little need to hide….we’ve all been getting it done.

That “deliver on what you promise attitude” has recently resulted in Cylance being named a finalist for the RSA Innovation Sandbox program, which is dedicated to encouraging out of the box ideas and the exploration of new technologies that have the potential to transform the information security industry. What is exciting is participating with a team that has truly created a disruptive approach to how companies can deploy and manage their security. We talk about “disruptive” companies in business school, but it’s a completely different view to actually be in the midst of one. While we are still a few weeks out from RSA, the team is full throttle and focused.

As we move into our next phase, the external recognition bestowed on the team provides a nice boost as we keep the pace high. While we all know what we need to deliver, it’s always nice hearing from those outside the circle that you’re achieving what was previously believed to be impossible.

Hats off to the team and I’m truly looking forward to the coming years and participating in the continued evolution of Cylance.

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Jeffrey Ishmael