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Revisiting some of those favorite reads . . . .

August 20th, 2009 Comments off

     Found myself wrapping up the day, but not having the necessary amout of time to dive into drafting a full blog posting. I also couldn’t bring myself to spend a significant amount of time on the computer, which seems to have been a non-stop activity. It’s also nice to pull up half a section of couch, kick-up the feet, and enjoy some hardcopy reading.

     Two of my favorite reads are the Harvard Business Review and Strategy+Business. One of the articles that I’ve archived and like to review occassionally is an article titled “The Cat That Came Back” by Gary Neilson and Bruce Pasternack.  The article profiles the corporate reorganization of Caterpillar. Although the company was a $30 Billion entity, it’s a great lesson in how quickly a larger organization can effect change, and ultimately see the benefits of that change in the bottom line results.

The Cat That Came Back

    Hopefully you enjoy the read as much and as often as I have.

Thanks for reading. . . .

Jeffrey Ishmael

Passive-Aggressive Organizations

July 23rd, 2008 Comments off

     With as much reading as we do on a daily basis, it’s refreshing to find the occassional article that really deserves to be archived and referred back to for it’s ongoing validity.  One of those articles for me was one I found a few years ago on the Harvard Business Review site; The Passive-Aggressive Organization.  The article is writtern by Gary Neilson, Bruce Pasternak, and Karen Van Nuys.  The article does a fantastic job of identifying where energy within the corporate structure is diverted from the main objected and is rechanneled into efforts that hinder the process.

     Almost every company I have been involved with has exhibited some of the characteristics highlighted in the article. Some more than others.  I constantly refer back to the article to help put things in perspective and help me through major projects that seem to see the progress stalling.  In the article there’s a great breakdown of the different corporate profiles that might characterize an organization.  The most ideal is that of a Resilient company where the entity is highly adaptable to external market shifts and is focused and aligned on a coherent business strategy.  The least desirable being the Passive-Aggressive entity in which all seems congenial and conflict free, seems to achieve concensus, but struggles to implement any plans due to conflict avoidance.

     There’s so much more to read in the article and it’s worth the 15-minute investment to read the article. You can find the article at Passive-Aggressive Organization .  I hope you find as much value in this article as I have.

Thanks for reading . . . .