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Strategy Is A Long Term Process, Not A Reaction…

July 11th, 2012 Comments off

     We’re at just about the mid-point of the Tour de France, and while I’m not a big fan of Bradley Wiggins, I can’t help but admire the progress he and his team have made over the last few years. I remember watching a “chunkier” Wiggins getting spit out of the back of the group on climbs and struggling to put together a decent result for any portion of the race that wasn’t designated as a “TT”.  Amazing how things have changed as he is in firm control of this year’s race and clearly the strongest rider in the peloton.

     However, Wiggins increased performance was not the result of a knee jerk reaction to infuse some new untested element into his training, bring in untested teammates, or driving his teammates into the ground at the expense of him securing the yellow jersey. On the contrary, Wiggins’ planning started close to 2-years ago where he aligned himself with a strong team, a strong team director, and ensuring that all the riders on the team were informed and shared a common vision. A vision that would essentially become the mission statement for the team and the overriding goal of what needed to be accomplished. 

     Where their setbacks? Absolutely.  The team arrived at last year’s Tour only to have Wiggins crash out in the first week with a broken collarbone. Essentially the Tour was done and they missed their “Quarter”.  You knew I had to bring this full circle to Finance didn’t you? However, the Tour isn’t the ONLY race of the year, although it is the biggest. The team had countless other successes through the year and maintained their focus. They didn’t swap out a Director Sportif, didn’t find new sponsors, or change their equipment….they maintained their laser focus on the Tour.

     This year? After another year of athlete conditioning, wind tunnel testing, nutritional focus, and investing the proper resources into the team, they are the dominant force in this year’s Tour. While some are calling them robots, they are executing to the plan and reaping the benefits. There’s a lot to be said when you have a cohesive team that is communicating and the goals are clear to all involved. Wiggins standing on the podium in Paris will be the ultimate affirmation of everything the team has invested.

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Jeffrey Ishmael