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San Diego FP&A Summit – A Prelude….

February 24th, 2010 Comments off

            Tomorrow I’m being given the opportunity to speak at the San Diego FP&A Summit, which is sponsored by the IE Group ( ). I was a bit hesitant in the beginning, but once I spoke with Richard Bracchi and realized the line-up he was putting together there was no way I could decline. We also started talking about what subject I might be tasked to speak on. It didn’t take long with I saw the topic of KPIs on the list. A subject that is near and dear to my professional heart! Besides, how in the heck do you drive improved performance without have metrics in place to measure all the triggers you need to pull?

            After the presentation tomorrow I’ll post my full presentation, but I had a great time assembling what I hope will be a valuable presentation for those in attendance. I get a sincere kick out of discussing this topic with my peers….

Ask most Finance professionals how they measure their business and they’ll cite our typical tools….

      Income Statement

      Cash Flow Statement

      Balance Sheet

       These are merely reporting mechanisms for the true tools that we use to measure our respective businesses.


       What are the KPIs that help you make your business decisions?

       How do you create value for the Company in the absence of such critical reporting?

       How do you price a Service Offering when you don’t know your costs?

       How do you formulate staffing decisions when you don’t know how hours are consumed?

       How do you drive improvements when you don’t even know where the waste is?

These are only some of the questions we’ll be addressing tomorrow….

Thanks for reading . . . .

Jeffrey Ishmael